From custom carts and racks, to end effectors, lifting or rotating raw materials, LaBco is honored to be recognized as a true materials handling specialist, bringing decades of industry-leading expertise to all of the material handing products we offer.  We offer vast options when it comes to custom designed wheeled dollies and carts, as well as storage racks and fixtures for the purpose of moving, storing or shipping your materials.

Regardless of the sensitivity of your materials, we can tailor a solution for handling virtually any type of material to improve both productivity and safety.  We offer solutions based on latest technologies and years of previous application experience.

  • Ergonomic fixtures and lifting mechanisms
  • Traditional and custom assembly work
  • Dollies and wheeled systems
  • Storage systems, including bins and shelves
  • Casters and wheels for a wide range of applications

Learn More About LaBco Material Handing Products and Services

For more detailed information on how we can help streamline and simplify your material handling needs, please get in touch with LaBco at your convenience.  We can assist in all aspects of your specific materials handing application, from initial idea through the complete implementation process.

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